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What do you wan tot talk about theater sure I love theater!

I love the play Beauty and the Beast no biggy but I am Belle!

I give you up dates every week on my theater group
Now lets begin =)

Now I am very much excited for Beauty and the Beast, I mean all the people in my group are but I am soooooo excited! Like boy (and girl) how could I not love being this role?♥ I just went to practice yesterday and let me tell you it was awesome, I got to the part where the candle stick sings be our guest and I want the scriped sooooooo bad I want to practice my lines I don't think I'll learn them time I know thw plays in May but still you can see my problem. I still want to know who's playing who! I only know one other thing the dress I am going to wear it's like a peach color and it is so awesome B.T.W if you want to know where to get tickets for Beauty and the Beast I will tell you where they will be located in a few weeks and where you can get tickets! I am not even joking when I say that this will be the best play I think that this director has ever put on! And HURRY to ask where to get tickets because thye are going to sell FAST!♥ And trust me this is going to be better than the movie beleave me it will blow your mind I mean like a monkey learning sing language blow your mind!☻ now it is time to get AWESOME! I mean what I am about to say will not be as great as when Jesus died on the cross and then came alive from the dead but this will be good to! I am about to tell you my name.......... JK I will always keep my name a secret but if you come to Beauty and the Beast you will #1 find out my name and #2 get a great show! know I will tell you 5 easy steps to get to BRODWAY! At least these should get you to BRODWAY! #1 Work hard and get the mane role in a local play,#2 get a record deal/go to a bigger place and get a bigger place,#3 get famose #4 move to New York,#5 Your in BRODWAY!